"Think Small!"

Also new, is one of our hottest selling items. The Lift 'N Roll (LNR), is a set of (2) small, hydraulically operated hand trucks fit on opposite sides of your cargo. They are held in position by a built-on ratchet-strap, wrapping around the load and holding it securely.

The Lift 'N Roll can be used to move 2 and 3 door coolers, beverage dispensers, or vending machines.

With a floor clearance of 1/8" to 4-1/2", the Lift 'N Roll allows the operator to squeeze tall loads under doorjambs and over difficult thresholds. You can "clam shell" large vending machines, with the Lift 'N Roll carrying the weight, instead of the operator. For tight hallways and narrow doors, you've never had it so good.
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